Successful adverts: Not just pretty executions

It occurred to me recently that it has been a while since an advert made me buy a product. In the meantime, my research among friends and colleagues showed that the most memorable advert recently was “compare the meercat“. Personally I find the advert offensive to my aesthetic and taste; however, when I was looking for home insurance, I instinctively typed “compare the market” in Google, although I have been working closely with many similar sites for my financial client.

Do-ability of a product works miracles for a brand. Think about it; when was the last time you vacuum cleaned your carpet? I bet you hoovered recently. And do you actually search on Google or do you just Google?

Here is what I mean. Consumers have seen too many adverts to be inspired by creative. And if we all agree that the creative aspect of an advert is great, this will not necessarily mean that we will go out to buy the product.What will makes consumers try a product is innovation. The questions is though, how do you apply innovation when you have nothing new to say or when your products is good and effecient enough already to need an update?

Innovation does not have to be a new version of or an updated product. Innovation can also mean a new way of experiencing a product. Bacardi existed for a long time but saw a surge in consumption when the”Bacardi Mojito” campaign was launched. The new way of enjoying Bacardi is innovation and consumers needed an alternative to the outdated Bacardi and Coke.

Of course not all brands can be do-able and this is ok as long as they can be useful. Nor can they or are expected to create a new user experience with every campaign; DO-ability is rather a long term strategy as repetition of the experience is important for the consumer to make the necessary co-relation between the product and routine.

Consumer behaviour has changed as people become more educated, with more advanced judgment and most of all busier. Brands will have to invade their daily routine in order to be influential and this can only be done through an innovative experience.