Online Creative: Beauty is not enough

Recently I attended a series of meetings with online creative agencies to discuss creative executions for my upcoming campaigns. It occurred to me that the term “beautiful” to describe creative has come back to fashion. Phrases such as “beautifully showcasing the product”, “beautiful inspirational creative” etc were thrown into the conversation by the creative agency trendies making me wonder: when did beautiful become so important for creative? Are we still in 2001?

Clearly we are not in 2001. But in the years since then online has changed, as online adverts lost their appeal and social media created a new demand among people, that demand being communication. However, some creative agencies have found themselves unprepared for this social revolution, promoting design over strategy, to make up for their lack of forward thinking.

This school of creativity is also helped by the fact that not all clients are comfortable engaging in dialogue with the consumers, giving online display a new lease of life.

So when online adverts are necessary, in order to make sure that they fulfill their role, they should answer the following questions:

Does the creative represent the brand values? Is it is line with the brand vision?

Does the creative showcase the product benefits ? In an honest and simple way?

Why will the user want to interact with the creative?

What will the user do after interacting with the creative?

But remember: beautiful is subjective. It is an opinion, not a fact. Also is it decreasingly relevant nowdays and soon it won’t be relevant at all.