The world is on the verge of becoming a very small place! 

Two days ago London was brought to a standstill because of 2cm of snow. Airports were shut, train stations were shut, buses could not move, you had to fight to get a taxi.

I was checking my Twitter feeds regularly on my phone to keep busy whilst trying to catch a cab in the cold but also hoping that fellow londoners would have initiated a twitter campaign, helping people get home faster. Here is what I mean:

I was at London Bridge area along with hundreds of others trying to get a taxi home. Surely there must have been loads of people trying to go towards the same directions as me and we could have shared a taxi home, using the service to its full capacity. People driving to central London to collect loved ones, surely could have picked up strangers trying to get to the same direction.

We all know that Londoners have a great sense of community but someone needs to activate them. Twitter has got the ability to activate thousands of people in seconds, via hashtags (#uksnow became an instant hit) or just nomal tweets. But it seems not a large enough percentage of Londoners are active on Twitter.

Imagine though how different things would have been if someone saw in real time search, whilst trying to find a taxi back home, a tweet from someone offering to share their taxi.

Sure, not everyone is on Twitter, but almost everyone is on Google. And increasinlgy via their mobile phones.

Real time search + mobile phone internet =