Alternative mobile advertising

Ok, so mobile has come of age and increasingly advertisers include mobile in their media plans.

This however, for heavy mobile users is intrusive and annoying. When you are using your smart phone so much, you get tired of being bombarded by adverts constantly.

I have been trying to think of alternatives and here are some ideas I have come up with:

  • For those using their smart phone for gaming purposes, how about in-game, instead of top/bottom of the screen ads? By choosing the right games, advertisers can be almost 100% sure that they are targeting the right audience. In gaming advertising is vastly growing on consoles, such as the XBox 360 and research has shown that it is really impactful too.
  • For those watching videos, the obvious alternative advertising would be product placement in the videos. Finally the ban on product placement on TV has been lifted in the UK and naturally this should reflect on all other advertising platforms.
  • Finally, if you are mostly reading on your phone, hyperlinks on the advertised terms is possibly the way forward. Ideally, upon clicking an offer becomes available to the user. This would further enable the implementation of cost per acquisition models on mobile, increasing it efficiency.


Of course, at the moment, most paid for apps do not serve any ads but how long will they be free for? Trends, including apps, can only remain forever popular if they keep improving and these improvements require investment which can only be covered by advertising.